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Sooo... Meet RED!
This is a character that i created for a little project of mine, she's is a member of DONKEY Bz. and she's secrect life is covered as a pizza delivery, it's kindaly a way that thing dont go out of the limits and the contact always keep on day with the CHEESE PATROL, soo yes, exist a lot of GANGz on this SQAD, and this crew need a direct contat with other members soo when things go crazy they can be prepared. Actualy this is something hide yet, but there''s a unique info for your guyz and a apologize for the time i have been far of this.

Hope u guyz enjoy and have a nice day! :)

<3 Im more active here u can come tho! <3

Buddha beatz pizza xl


Buddha beatz img 20181022 193835 293
Buddha beatz cover do evento red
Buddha beatz pizza wl