Sound Crow

Marcos mansur crow 2
Marcos mansur sound crow final
Sound Crow
Marcos mansur david aguado tumblr nr36sik5pw1rd0wqro1 r1 1280
Art made by David Aguado.
Marcos mansur composition
Marcos mansur 2pac 2
Marcos mansur 2 pac
Marcos mansur process
Process :)

Hey guyz, here my new piece, i take some ideas from David Aguado and hes piece "Sound Crown" where a put a lot some time because I wanted to grow some things and techniques. I put some references of my life, some details i really enjoy on my friends and theys personality some how. Shure this one have a big part of my life.
Hope your guyz enjoy and have a nice day! <3
if you want know more aboute it go to -> :D